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The nature of education has changed dramatically in the past decade, and with the digital era found both at home and work, it’s understandable why the classroom has changed with it. Schools are undergoing a transformation capable of driving the focus to the future of education, encouraging a new wave of teaching and learning.

With the Business of Schools, Ricoh is focused on helping Australian schools have the resources they need to make a shift for the future, and give every student the best chance possible.

Find out through our selection of articles and customer success stories how Ricoh can help future-proof your school and ensure your school is ready for the future today.




  • Print smart, reduce waste
    The office is already transforming to a paperless environment, but what about in the classroom: Is a paperless school in reach?
  • Support your learning environment
    The workplace is changing, but what about the classroom? Discover why the learning environment needs support, too.
  • Saint Ignatius' College tames paper tiger with Ricoh
    Every school produces a tremendous amount of paper materials, but is going paperless still a dream? Learn how Saint Ignatius’ College made it happen.
  • Learning with technology
    Digital plays an important and ever-increasing role in the classroom, and learning with technology has never been more accessible. Find out why it matters.
  • The future of education

    Learning is changing, and everything is affected. Students, staff, and how we see the world will shape the future of education.



    Stay ahead in today’s fast moving world of education.


    Case studies

    Proven examples of technology's use in schools.



    Customer success demonstrated on video.

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