Consumables recycling program

Recycle and reduce waste

The Ricoh consumables recycling program, in operation since 2001, has set the benchmark for sustainable business practices within the industry. The program collects spent parts and reclaims the plastic and metal for reuse, effectively reducing waste in the process.

How to register for the service

Registering for the recycling program is done by completing an online registration form, which normally takes two business days to process. Once you have been registered for the service you will receive an email indicating the type of service you are eligible for along with your registration code.

How to return your used consumables

At Ricoh we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and building sustainable business practices. Please download our step by step guide on how to return your used consumables to Ricoh, if you require more information please contact us.

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Our certifications

We’re proud to adopt national and international standards of best practice. All our Australian sites are certified in Quality and Environment Management.

Our ISO14001/2008 Quality Management System certification covers the systems for the sustainability of all activities undertaken by Ricoh Australia – including sales, distribution, service, technical support, the provision of managed services and the development of software solutions for optimising customer use of Ricoh devices.

We’re the first technology services-based organisation in Australia to achieve external certification as a carbon neutral organisation. Our carboNZeroCert™ certification recognises our understanding and management of our carbon footprint. Operating on a carbon neutral basis is key to our 'lead by example' approach to long term sustainability.

Our Emissions Management Reduction Plan targets our most significant carbon emissions, in order to achieve our ultimate goal to reduce our environmental footprint to one eighth of our year 2000 level by 2050.